Certification Assistant

Easily manage and organize your certifications and CEUs. Makes renewal easy and fast!

Certification Management

Keep a database of your current and expired certifications. Upload copies for easy access. Always stay up to date.

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Reminders and Transcripts

Never allow your certifications or licenses to expire by accident. Get e-mail reminders at 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month prior to your expiration date.

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Mobile Support

For mobile devices and tablets you can use Certification Assistant simply by using your browser. There is no need to download a separate app.

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Free Trial

Start your free seven day trial and start using Certification Assistant immediately.

Cancel before the trial ends and you will not be billed. Why not give it a try?


Once your free trial ends, continue the enjoy the features of Certification Assitant for an entire year at one low price.

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Add Certifications

Add your certifications and upload copies. Always have access to your certification records.

Add CEUs

Add your CEUs and track your hours. Upload copies for documentation.

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Get Reminders

Receive e-mail reminders so that your certification expirations never take you by surprise.

Print Transcripts

Print your transcripts so that you have easy access records when it comes time for renewal.

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More Features

  • Organize Certifications +

    Keep track of all of your certification requirements including number of CEUs for renewal and expiration dates.
  • Custom Entries +

    Customize your certification and CEU entries to fit your needs.
  • Reminders +

    Get 3 month, 2 month, and 1 month e-mail reminders before you expire. Don't let your certification lapse accidentally!
  • Upload Image Copies +

    Upload images and documents to keep records of your CEUs and certifications. Let us e-mail copies for you when needed!
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